Over 25 years producing for the best brands on the planet, large and small.

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The E-tailers source for product manufacturing and sourcing.

We do not sell on Amazon. That's your job!

We truly support you, which means we don’t compete with you.  Click here for more on how our business model is all about support and growth.

We’re based in the USA 24/7 for you and the service you need, and we’re in China 24/7 to get your products made right, and on time.

What do we make? (tap the box)

Almost everything!

We specialize in neoprene products; wetsuits, sports supports, waders,  tops, bottoms, bags, and more.  We also make; sports balls, socks, camping gear,  action cameras, smart watches, performance undergarments, aquatics, inflatables,  beach toys, hiking gear, sunglasses, and much much more. Click here to go to our products page.

Are you an online retailer?

We're the manufacturer for you!

We understand your business, and have been manufacturing for online sellers for over 10 years.  We’re based locally and produce in China. We offer free design services, work with the worlds largest, and smaller retailers, and are less expensive than Ali-byebye.

  • We'll beat Ali-byebye money's costs!

    Not only less expensive, but better quality, and a more secure transaction, with a company based here. Click here to go to a product page

  • Fast production of your private label products

    We turn your product in half the time of most overseas manufacturers.

  • Work with a USA based company.

    We’re on your schedule, any contracts are made with our USA company.  You have fluent English speakers who know your production needs standing by every day, all day. (click here to meet the team)

  • Knowledgeable professionals here to help.

    We run factories, and have done since the 1980’s.  We’ve also helped some of the largest brands in the world launch or re-vamp their online sales operations. We help you design product, build it, and provide logistics help.  We fill special e-tailer needs like providing renderings early on, then high res’ pics, and fill special packaging needs. We also give you online access to monitor your production.  End to end support on every product we make for you.

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Why let us make your product?

Mad Fast

It’s more than just a name. It’s in everything we do.  If either you’re buying from stock,  need full design and production, or need China sourcing help, we’re mad fast.  Since we’re twice as fast as most Asian factories, you won’t leave your money tied up for months on end.  Go mad fast to market.

We Help You Grow

Our business is supporting sellers.  We’ve helped brands grow from nothing to over literally millions in sales in less than a year.  We take care of the manufacturing and sourcing headaches, so that you can focus on your business.

Here and there.

Our head of manufacturing is in the U S A most of the year.  Why? Because you’re here.  The real time support that you need to get new products going, get existing products re-sourced, or to get a handle on orders and deliveries is extremely important to us.  Call us and see.  We’re here and we’re there 24/7. Click here to visit our team page.

Flexibility / Diversity

So you need socks,  cooking pans, and sleeping bags?  Big orders of one, trials of the others?  Done. We’re currently manufacturing thousands of products, and develop new ones just about every day.   Your growth means our growth, so we help you test, develop,  produce, and sell in dozens of categories. See how we get better and less expensive product, even when sourcing outside of our factories.

Save Money

Even after giving you expert design, sourcing, and manufacturing assistance at your fingertips in the USA, we’re still less expensive than the people on Alibaba who’ve never seen the inside of “their” China factories.  We work through small quantities at cost, because we know you’ll be back for big quantities soon.


Any Asia manufacturing pro, and most sellers have nightmare stories about what happens every minute on “Ali-byebyemoney”.  Years ago, we were victims several times ourselves!  “Lost” money, wrong products, lost shipments, factories disappearing; don’t get us started on design theft.  With Madfast, your dealings are with a legitimate, reputable, USA company who is subject to the same laws you are.  We (and the US legal system) protect your money, products, and designs.