Madfast a Factory and a Sourcing Agent

Madfast as a Sourcing Agent?

From the Madfast Manufacturing Blog,  July 28, 2017,  by Randy Rainey 


Sourcing isn’t something we do when there’s a new project. It’s something we do every minute of every day on a large scale

Obviously we’ll save you money and get a better product if you order product from our factories, but how can we do so if you order something we source from another factory?

In three words, volume, infrastructure, and experience


Volume.  We source for the largest retailers in the world.  Literally,  the number 1 and number 2 sized worldwide retailers are among our customers.   When we approach a factory with a project, they know that costing and quality need to be right, because we have a ton of business that they could win or lose depending on how they treat even our smallest orders.  

photo- China production manager and customer service, in a factory
Production manager,  Customer service, China Ooperations manager working through sourcing project

Infrastructure.  Owning and running factories in China, for some of the world’s largest retailers, requires an immense set of skills and systems.  Sourcing isn’t something we do when there’s a new project. It’s something we do every minute of every day on a large scale. We do this for our own factories, and for our customers other projects,  large and small.   The database systems, network of suppliers, money, and manpower it takes to source properly are very valuable resources that take time to build.  Speaking of manpower; we have a full design department, engineering department, quality control department, production control department, and a logistics department.  These departments function not only in our factories, but around various regions of China.  That’s why you see 4 high level Chinese executives on our team page.  There is a lot to manage, and we do it fast, and do it well thanks to our incredible team.  Customer satisfaction on every single order, large and small is our top priority.  Cost is a huge part of customer satisfaction.

Experience.  When we set off to source something, it’s by no means a crap shoot.  We know exactly where to start our search.   Once we’ve contacted a supplier, we know exactly how materials, labor, overhead, and margins fit into their costing.  We’re familiar with materials, construction, machinery, and skill sets needed for almost anything.  We’re aware of their turn times, and what turn times should be for nearly any product you can imagine.    We’re able to apply the right amount of pressure on your behalf to get quality, cost, and speed to the absolute best combination for your needs.

photo of china sourcing factory

Madfast vs others.    There is no shortage of individuals or small teams that want source your product for you.   The volume factor we have,  is important for various reasons.  One of the most important is product protection.  

When an individual (not Madfast)  representing a smaller customer takes a small order (of a great product) price shopping for the lowest price;  the factory who picks him or her up..

  • will offer that product to other customers 9 times out of 10.  
  • A slightly smaller percentage will make up a variation of the product and send it to a “partner” to sell directly on Amazon and Ebay.  
  • A very high percentage will offer a “kickback” to the person who is supposedly representing you.

Unfortunately, these are not rare cases, or the ramblings of someone trying to get you buy from us.   For many organizations and people, this is the cold hard fact of doing business in the China factory culture.     If there  is no scale, volume, or influence over the factory to protect the product, the product isn’t protected. Most factories in these situations will offer “your” agent a small percentage  for them to look the other way.  As Americans, it sounds ridiculous to us, and unethical. We’re fortunate enough to be able to see this issue from a completely different perspective than the China factory culture.  Unfortunately, this type of practice is so common, most people immersed in these factory cultures don’t even see it as wrong.        graphic wrong way and right way

At Madfast, we protect your product with not only volume and influence, but with written agreements.    Our people work in an environment of  professionalism that cost them years of  education and very hard work to obtain.  They and their loyalties to you, a Madfast customer, are not for sale.  Volume, experience, and infrastructure allow us to maintain the professionalism for each and every order, and we do so at a lower cost than individuals and small teams.    You won’t see a price for  feasibility or “cost study”, “design assistance”, “quality audits” or similar essential parts of doing business.  These costs are absorbed by the factory (or us in case of outside factories), and we disperse the costs among lots of volume, so the total cost for these “services” (which others charge you for) are negligible.

injection molding plastic machine and hydraulic press
injection molding plastic machine and hydraulic press

There you have it; better, faster, less expensive, and more secure.  Product sourcing the Madfast way.

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