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Randy Rainey - President / Director Of Manufacturing USA

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Hi, and thank you for visiting.  I hope you’ll give me a chance to chat with you about any manufacturing or sourcing questions or projects you have.  I actually learned to walk on my dad’s factory floor 45 years ago, and have never left manufacturing since.  To give you an idea of where Madfast came from, and of my professional experience in manufacturing and e-tail; my team and I put together a timeline below.  I hope the timeline demonstrates a very high level of specialized experience, competence, and our ability to help you move your business forward.

There’s very little I love more than helping a smaller customer become a BIG customer.  There is no customer too small, and there’s no manufacturing or sourcing related issue I wouldn’t want to discuss.

Please give me a call or drop me an email, even if it’s just to swap notes. Click the phone if you’d like to call now, or dial 602-492-6737


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Randy  follows NAFTA to Mexico on behalf of a family manufacturing business – opens 2 production factories. Each factory pays off initial investment, and turns a profit in under 5 months.


Randy continues running production factories in Mexico and USA,  starts a factory consultant organization to help new / troubled factories get things going.


Randy starts to offer his own production activity and quality control database program for sale.


The neoprene, surf, and action sports business appeals to Randy.  He accepts a “permanent” position with O’Neill Inc, as GM of a Mexico factory.


After several successful accomplishments on the factory and technology and production development levels, O’Neill promotes Randy to  Vice President of Manufacturing.  He starts traveling to Asia and maintaining and setting up production  operations, along with prior Mexico and San Diego based duties. He meets Alfonso and the other first team members of Madfast.


Randy receives a final promotion with O’Neill,  adding “Vice President of Operations” to his VP of Manufacturing title.


Randy moves to Thailand to work with the owners of what is now Madfast. ” The O’Neill departure was a very hard decision, they were so amazing, but I was bored in my now maintenance sort of role. There were no more promotions to be had.  My people were well trained,  everything was running perfect, and I was making good money. But not having big challenges drove me crazy”


Madfast then called Tai Corp,  (and Randy) move to China from Thailand


Randy moves back to the USA from China and begins to specialize in bringing bands completely vertical, from production to online retail.


Madfast co-founder Alfonso Landin (still living in China) begins to prepare Madfast factories to work with smaller retailers, in addition to literally the largest 2 retailers in the world

January 2017

After having helped several new brands grow into million dollar plus brands in the EU and US, while still working for the largest retailers in the world;  Madfast begins aggressive expansion for smaller e-tailers.  Randy leaves his own brands (partially or wholly owned) and retail operations, avoiding conflict of interest for  Madfast’s evolving customer base.

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