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The Madfast USA Exec Team

Picture of Randy Rainey

Randy Rainey

President /  Director of Manufacturing – USA

A background well known and documented in the industry (link below) .  Randy tries to help every Madfast customer, every day, in several ways.  He has a labor intensive review system that asks “what can we do now that helps Tom today?; that will help him 10 days from now, 30, 60, and next quarter”?  At Madfast, we try to find a way to help you with your immediate, short, medium, and long term goals every day.

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Luigi Bianco

International Sales

Champion of opportunity. Luigi is here to help navigate the unknown. Sometimes its as simple as asking questions, lot’s of questions. Customer advocate. Diligent worker. “Let’s make it easy” is his mantra.  We challenge you to let him help you whatever the situation may be.

Picture of Ken Ellson

Ken Ellson

VP – Customer Success

Ken has a stellar background in customer satisfaction, is customer centric in everything he does. He makes sure you’re not only “serviced” or “satisfied” , but also successful in your Madfast orders and projects.  No matter how your first came through our “door”,  Ken has your back 24/7 – 365.  Give him a challenge and watch the sparks fly.

picture of Nancy Liu Rainey

Nancy Liu Rainey

VP Product Development – USA

Head of product development and customer relations for one of the world’s largest neoprene factories for 9 years,  Nancy then joined Randy, Alfonso, and the rest of the Madfast in 2010. Aside from her obvious product knowledge and experience;  Nancy has a ridiculous, nearly eidetic memory, speaks fluent Mandarin, and can get things done mad fast in China (and around the world).  Like all of our execs, she’s eager to speak directly with customers every day and assist with whatever you need.

The Madfast China Exec Team

Photo of Alfonso Landin

Alfonso Landin

President and Director of Manufacturing  / Asia

Alfonso has enjoyed a very long career in manufacturing, and has simultaneously developed several very successful action sports brands, and assists some of the world’s largest retailers in their sourcing of not only action sports products made in our factories, but all types of products made elsewhere.  He currently lives in China, and frequently travels between Thailand, Singapore, and the EU to take care of customers and factory partners.  Boundless energy, an amazing team, and very elaborate cloud based software systems help Alfonso keep your products being produced with the best quality, at the best prices, and mad fast.

Miss Wantanee Chupet

Global Production Manager

Wantanee received her Bachelors in Industrial Management in 2007.  She then went right to work as a Planning Supervisor,  was promoted to Production Manager in 2009,  and in 2010 was hired by Madfast co-founder Alfonso.   Wantanee is an amazing co-ordinator,  manager, and teammate.   She helps keep production on time, and keeps the team on task, with customer service being her primary goal.

Suttisa Khongwatmai

Engineering and Design Manager

Suttisa received her Bacheleor’s in Textile Engineering  and went right to work with the Madfast team in 2011.  She has valuable production planning experience, and has great design and technical skills that help her keep her engineering and design teams on customer priorities and timelines.

Miss Bella drinking some tea

Song Yan Ling

China Operations Manager

Song Yan Ling received her degrees in both Engineering (2007) and Business Administration (2009), and went on to prove a very strong team leader in customer service, strategic planning, and business development.  She started with the Madfast team in 2015, and has taken charge of Chinese operations in a very strong, professional, and customer centric way.  

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