How’s it work?

Process Outline

We make it simple and fast.  We fill in the gaps wherever they may exist, and get a great product built or sourced for you mad fast.   Click the “+” next to a process title to view the detail.

This is the where you show us exactly what it is you want us to make or source.   Depending on the item complexity, there are many ways to do so.

  • The usual best place to start is by providing pictures and specifications, or web links where we can view the product.  If there’s any doubt as to which specifications are needed, just send or upload the pictures and files you do have, and we’ll ask about pertinent specs and preferences after reviewing.
  • Depending on the complexity of the product;  An actual sample may be needed.    A sample of your product,  a competitors, or an ASIN number of one we can pick up on Amazon is great.
  • Sketches and specs.  If we’re helping you design a product, a sketch, and a listing of the main concepts of your desired product would be a great starting point.  There will be a  little more back and forth, but we’re happy to help with all of your design needs.  Graphics, packaging, and product features are examples of industrial design considerations we’re happy to provide or assist with (at no charge).

Before starting to finalize engineering (turning a design concept or sample into production ready product) , we need to understand the quantity needed and desired price point of the product.   There are almost always ways to adjust and balance cost and quality and / or performance needs.   Knowing the volume needed will help us determine if and where there are price breaks for any component or production options.

The desired price point serves as a viability reference point as we consider options in the design and engineering process.  We frequently beat our customers desired price point with better than expected component features and overall quality.  We understand that the way we get repeat business is to provide the best possible value to help keep you winning against your competition and growing your business.

In this step we give as many viable product options and price points as are practical for your products and your needs.  We’ll send you these options in the form of renderings,  pics, specifications, and possibly video or video chat.   If required you can order  pre-production samples at this point.

It’s important to note that we’ll give you comprehensive options.  We’ll calculate and include any duty, logistics costs based on your shipping choices, and give you a complete transparent picture, all at no cost to you.

You give us the go ahead on the most ideal options and quotations for you.  We begin material acquisition and preparation, and start production.

…for your marketing and sales needs.  We understand very well online and other sales processes.  We know that you need great catalog quality photos as soon as the first pieces are complete.   Did you know that our art department actually did animation for Disney? Yeah, they’re that good.  We can also ship you “first off” production samples.

Of course there are literally hundreds of steps and operations that we do to get your product this far, but that’s  what we do.  Interesting fact time: Did you know that we’ll complete, monitor, and track over 72,000 operations on our factory floor ever day?   Pretty cool huh?  We’ll give you access to your products online tracking system so that you can track them as well.

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