We Support Amazon Sellers

We support Amazon Sellers.

No really, not just sell to Amazon sellers, but truly support Amazon sellers.
  • We don’t compete with you.

    Our factories do not sell on Amazon.  Our employees do not sell on Amazon.  You sell on Amazon, and we want you to work with us.  We’re not competitors.  With this model, we’re  perfectly aligned to kick some tail together.

  • We give you superpowers (well, ok, pretty close)

    Our engineering, design, production, quality, and logistics departments work for you.  Giving you equal or better abilities than the bad guys, eh… sorry we mean China factory “sellers”.

  • We add new products and categories as you need.....and fast!

    We add new categories and products as our customers need to push their profits higher.   We’ll build small order and “take a hit” to get you started in something new to you.  We’ll also subcontract preliminary or test orders for you if outside of our capabilities, still providing our technical and systems expertise.  We then adapt the manufacturing strategy as your needs dictate.

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The dilemma you know. The solution? You just found us!

It’s too common; and as a seller, it’s what keeps you up at night.   Factories go direct to Amazon, brands go direct to Amazon, and Amazon goes directly to factories.  What’s a good seller to do?  

It’s simple; call us!  Our entire business model is built around supporting you in your area of expertise.   We do so with our expertise in design and manufacturing.  We give you full factory support with our extensive experience, knowledge, and resources behind you.  This enables you to sell like only you can, and with laser focus that leads to increased volume and profits.  At the same time, you enable us to develop and build as only we can.  This forms a solid team, which together grows and handily competes, with all of the scenarios above; Scenarios which currently threaten your business.

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